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Section 1.0   NAME


The name of this Association shall be the Michigan Association of Healthcare Resource and Materials Management, hereinafter referred to as the “Association”.



Section 2.0   AFFILIATIONS


The Association is affiliated with the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) in order to promote assistance and liaison between the members of the Association, AHRMM and the American Hospital Association (AHA). 





To foster supply chain excellence to the health care organizations of the state of Michigan with emphasis on educational activities directed toward continuous improvement in supply chain operations and the quality of care.


To disseminate information of benefit to its members.


To provide regular workshop sessions designed to meet the educational needs of the supply chain professional.


To maintain and promote  high standards of professional ethics.


To  conduct our activities in accordance with the scope of a professional educational association, specifically those defined by IRS code 501 [c][6] defining non-profit activities.


To encourage and assist all members to achieve and maintain professional certification.





Section 1.0   MEMBERSHIP


Membership is open to professionals whose job responsibilities include healthcare supply chain / resource & materials management or who have demonstrated a bonafide interest in the field of healthcare supply chain / resource & materials management and

who agree to support the AHRMM’s mission, vision and code of professional responsibility.

Section 2.0   SPONSORSHIP


Organizations and individuals may support the Association by sponsoring events or publications. Sponsorship fees will include, at a minimum and if desired, publication of the organization logo or recognition of the individual donor’s name and event registration or access to the publication.  



Section 3.0   DUES.


3.1   The Board shall establish Annual Membership Dues and

Sponsorship Fees for each calendar year.

3.2   Dues are not refundable should any member terminate his or her membership for any reason.





Section 1.0   BOARD MEMBERS


To be eligible for a Board member position, an individual must be in good standing during the nomination and election period. If the individual who was elected to the Board has a change in employment that affects their membership category, that individual may retain his/her seat for the remainder of their elected term. At the next possible election period, the election ballot will reflect the open category so as to regain the intended balance in the board.


1.1      Healthcare Provider Board Member. To be eligible for a Healthcare Provider Board member position, an individual must be directly employed by a healthcare provider or be on active duty in the Military. The Military is comprised of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

1.2      Affiliate Board Member. To be eligible for an Affiliate Board member position, an individual must be employed by an affiliated healthcare organization or company (vendors, consultants, educators, trade press, GPOs, distributors, etc.).

1.3      Special Appointee Board Member. A Special Appointee Board Member is appointed by the President, with a majority vote, by the Board. A Special Appointee Board Member will be appointed for a specific purpose or task and the length of their term will be determined upon their appointment. The term limit of these board members will be for a minimum of six months and shall not exceed three years.


Section 2.0   VOTING      


2.1      Active members in good standing shall be eligible to vote.

2.2      Voting will be conducted via on-line poll and in-person at the Annual Meeting held at the Fall Conference.

2.3      A quorum for the Association business  shall be one third of the total active members. If a quorum of members cannot be attained via on-line poll, those in attendance at the Annual Meeting held at the Fall Conference, in conjunction with votes obtained on-line, shall automatically constitute a quorum, regardless of the number in attendance.






Section 1.0   The Board shall consist of a minimum of six (6) persons but no more than twelve (12), including three members at large and five (5) officers.  Officers of the Association shall be, president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and immediate past president.  Only active members in good standing shall be nominated to the Board or elected as an officer.


  1. The Board shall meet at least three (3) times per year including the annual meeting held in the Fall, for the purposes of conducting Association business.  Meetings may be in person, electronic, or by phone.

  2. Other functions shall be, but not limited to, elect, monitor, appraise, advise, support, reward and when necessary, be assured that the status of the Chapter strength and manpower planning is equal to the requirements of the long range goals.

  3. Annually review the performance of the Officers and the Board and take steps to improve its performance by the membership.


Section 2.0   Election of the Board and officers will take place as follows:


2.1   By August 30th of each year, a slate of members to serve on the Board will be presented to the membership by a nominations committee of three Board members assigned by the Board President.

  1. The slate will be presented at the annual meeting held in the Fall, nominations will be accepted from the floor, and a majority of votes of those in attendance at the annual meeting shall constitute a valid vote.

  2. By October 31st of each year, the Board will elect within the Board, a president-elect and every other year, a treasurer and secretary.

  3. Terms for the Board members and Officers shall begin on January 1 following the elections. The president-elect becomes the president the following year.


Section 3.0   Terms


The President is appointed by the Board and becomes a member of the Board for the duration of his or her term of office.  The Board will appoint the treasurer and president-elect.  The president-elect, after serving one term in that office, will succeed to the office of president in the following year. 

  1. The Board terms will be for a period of three years.  Board members have the option, at the discretion of the full board, to extend their term in one-year increments.  Terms for the Board members and Officers shall begin January 1 following the elections.

  2. The term of the president-elect shall be one year and becomes the president the following year.

  3. The term of the president shall be for two years.

  4. The term of the treasurer shall be for two years.

  5. The term of secretary shall be for two years.

  6. The term of the immediate past president shall be for one year.


Section 4.0   Vacancies


  1. In the event that the president becomes unable to fulfill the term of the office, the president-elect will complete the term.

  2. In the event that the treasurer or secretary becomes unable to fulfill the term of office, a new candidate will be elected to fill the term by the Board.

  3. Normal officer election policies and timing will apply to all offices filled due to vacancies.

  4. Any opening on the Board term may be filled by a Board appointment for the remainder of the open term.





Section 1.0   All officers shall make annual reports to the entire membership following the Spring meeting, with a written copy given to the president.  A copy of the president’s annual report is to be sent to the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management.


Section 2.0   President


The president shall be the executive officer of the Association and shall preside at all meetings.  He/She may create special committees as deemed necessary and shall assign further responsibilities within the Board.  He/She may sign checks in the absence of the treasurer, and shall perform other executive functions as required.


Section 3.0   President-Elect


The president-elect shall carry out, in absence of the president, all duties of the president.


Section 4.0    Secretary


The secretary must be an active Chapter member.  He/She shall perform clerical and administrative work of all MAHRMM functions and oversee all administrative functions related to the efficient operation of the Chapter meetings and conferences.  He/She will perform all secretarial duties including typing, filing, preparing agenda’s, arranges appointments and meetings, maintains files, and performs related duties as required.

Other specific duties to include:

  1. The secretary shall take minutes at all meetings and distribute to all active members.  Copies of the minutes shall be given to the Communications Committee to be posted on the Chapter Website.

  2. Prepare packet and materials for Chapter meetings and conferences.

  3. Maintain an active member list and keep contact list updated.

  4. Assist President in making travel and hotel arrangements for guest speakers.

  5. Arrange and coordinate location for meetings and conferences.

  6. Setup registration at conferences.

  7. Mail “Thank You” letters.

  8. Submit bio’s of conference guest speakers and meeting agenda to AHRMM for CEU accreditation.

  9. Assist as needed.


Section 5.0   Treasurer


The Treasurer shall consist of an active Chapter member in good standing.  The Treasurer may be a volunteer or elected by the Board for a two (2) year term.  Responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Keep accurate financial records for the Chapter.

  2. The Treasurer shall collect dues and send a notice of dues payable at least thirty (30) days prior to the first meeting of the fiscal year.

  3. Deposit money and checks in the name of and to the credit of the Chapter in the bank designated.

  4. He/She shall maintain a bank account in the name of the Association and shall sign the checks authorized for disbursement by the Board.

  5. Signatures of the treasurer and the president shall be registered in accordance with the regulation of the bank designated as the depository for the Association’s funds.

  6. Disburse funds and issue checks in the name of the Chapter.

  7. Provide the President an account of transactions by the Treasurer and the financial condition of the Chapter.

  8. Reviews the financial condition of the Chapter at all Chapter conferences.

  9. Required to attend all Board meetings.

  10. Responsible to mail annual membership cards.

  11. The treasurer shall turn over records, bank accounts, cash, etc., to his/her successor after prompt audit has been made.

  12. An annual audited financial report shall be submitted to the membership for approval at the beginning of the fiscal year.  An external individual such as a CPA shall perform the audit.[EH2] 

  13. Perform other duties prescribed by the Board.




The immediate past president shall assist the Board in whatever area necessary and carry forward information that specifically assists the incoming president.





Section 1.0   Nominations (The Board and Officers)

Section 2.0   Membership

2.1 The Membership Committee shall consist of active Chapter     members in good standing.  This committee shall be responsible to maintain all member contact information and lead efforts to attract and retain members for the Chapter.   

Section 3.0   Communications

3.1 The Communications Committee shall consist of active Chapter     members in good standing.  This committee shall be open to accept opportunities to grow and enhance the Chapter.  Current specific functions to include:

  1. Develop Chapter Website and responsible to keep it updated.

  2. Update meeting and speaker evaluation forms.

  3. Develop and print conference programs.

  4.  Market conference events

  5.  Prepare appropriate professional signage for all conferences.

Section 4.0   Education

4.1 The Education Committee shall consist of active Chapter members in good standing.  This committee shall be responsible to coordinate the educational content for the Chapter Conferences.

4.2  Coordinate and make copies of guest speaker handouts and biographies.  Must obtain bio’s from all guest speaker in order to obtain educational CEU’s from AHRMM.

4.3  Contact AHRMM to obtain attendance CEU’s for all conferences.

Section 5.0   Advocacy

5.1 The Advocacy Committee shall consist of active Chapter members in good standing.  This committee shall be responsible for submitting the Annual Chapter Recognition Application to AHRMM and for coordinating various outreach and community benefit activities for the Chapter.




Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association shall be ratified by the affirmative vote of a quorum of the membership.  Notice of such changes shall be sent to the active members at least twenty (20) days prior to the date of the proposed change.  It shall be considered adequate notice of such changes by sending all notices through the U.S. Postal Service to the last known member address.





Files of the Association will be retained as outlined: The

Board records-three years, maintained by the president.

Treasurer records-seven years, maintained by the treasurer.





In the event the Association dissolves, the following procedures will be concluded:  1) an outside audit will be conducted within 60 days of the official closing date.  2) The Board shall authorize the payment of all accounts payable.  3) the remaining assets will be divided equally among the non-profit institutions represented by active members of the Association at the time of closing.



Amended January 12, 2016

Amended July 1, 2017

Amended September 19, 2019

Amended July 10 2021

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